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Vote by mail or at the polls on Tuesday, November 3 2020

What is Oakland’s Measure S1?

Measure S1 builds on Measure LL, which passed in 2016 with 83% of the vote. Measure LL created a civilian-based Police Commission to oversee the Oakland Police Department (OPD) including its policies and procedures. 


The Police Commission has the authority to revise and create police policies and practices and investigate complaints of OPD misconduct. The Commission can also discipline officers and terminate the police chief for cause. But the volunteers who serve on the Police Commission need full-time staff support and more independence.


Measure S1 will strengthen Oakland citizens’ oversight of OPD by giving the Police Commission the professional staff it needs to be more effective and will improve its independence.


You can read the full text of Measure S1 here.


In short, this is what measure S1 will do:

  • Measure S1 adds a new position, a civilian inspector general that reports to the civilian-led Police Commission. The responsibilities include:

    • The inspector general will review OPD records so that OPD cannot withhold information from the public.

    • The inspector general will audit OPD and provide the Commission with the data that will allow them to address systemic problems within OPD and offer reforms in policies and practices.

  • Measure S1 strengthens the independence of the civilian-based Police Commission to ensure that policing in Oakland is fair and just.

    • The Police Commission can demand information from OPD so it can be more effective in serving justice.

    • The Police Commission will hire its own lawyers that are independent of City Hall to stop political bias.

    • The Police Commission will learn if OPD interferes with reviews of complaints so that these reviews are fair.











Why does it matter?

Those who serve on the Police Commission, the commissioners, are Oakland residents that are offering their service to the community as volunteers (they are not paid). Many also have full-time jobs. Without a full-time staff member to support the Police Commission, the current commissioners do not have the resources they need to be as productive and effective as possible to ensure that the OPD is held accountable for its actions.


When the Police Commission is able to do the best job possible, we can be sure that OPD is being held accountable for its actions. In order to deliver on its mission,  the citizen-led Police Commission must be strengthened.


What are the consequences if Measure S1 does not get enough votes?

The Police Commission volunteers are already frustrated by their lack of staff support and independence.

They have gotten some important oversight work done, but they need more support. As they suffer from burnout, they may resign and high turnover in a critical organization like this is unwanted.


We may not be able to attract qualified residents to replace the Police Commission given the lack of staff support and challenges the commissioners face.


If the citizen-led Police Commission cannot do the best job possible, then we can expect the corruption and brutality of OPD to continue.

What you should know about the "No" argument.

There is not a “NO” argument being circulated.

Who created Measure S1?

The Coalition for Police Accountability created the first drafts of the measure language, along with input from many community members and organizations. Council President Rebecca Kaplan and Council President Pro Tem Dan Kalb revised the drafts and were the principal authors. Additional sponsors are Council members Loren Taylor and Noel Gallo. All eight Council members voted unanimously to place Measure S1 on the November ballot.


Who endorses Measure S1?

All eight City Council members support Measure S1 and many community organizations also endorse this measure, including:

  • California Democratic Party

  • Congresswoman Barbara Lee

  • The Wellstone Democratic Club

  • Block by Block Organizing Network

  • The Latino Task Force

  • SEIU 1021

  • John George Democratic Club

  • Make Oakland Better Now

  • Assemblymember Rob Bonta

  • NAACP Oakland Branch

  • East Bay Young Democrats

  • Oakland Rising Action

  • East Bay Times

When can I vote on Measure S1?

If you vote by mail, you can vote on Measure S1 as soon as you get your ballot in the mail or anytime up to Election Day on November 3, or vote in person on Election Day at your nearest polling location, or by dropping your ballot at streetside boxes. Be sure you are properly registered to vote at your current address in advance. You can check your voter registration status here.


How can I support Measure S1?

  • Donate to this campaign. It helps with actions like: 

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