Let civilians police the police. Politicians and law enforcement are protecting bad cops

The U.S. government had the right answer from the start: civilian control of the armed forces. State and local governments should have paid attention.

The commander in chief: a civilian. The ranking No. 2: a civilian secretary of Defense.

The American military isn’t perfect. But it’s basically disciplined and tends to keep the troops in line. Bad apples are routinely discarded.

Contrast that with local police and sheriffs’ departments — and, in much of their history, state prison guards. Bad apples stink up the entire place because they’re protected by the buddy system and hardly ever tossed.


The mission of the Coalition for Police Accountability (“the Coalition” or CPA) is to advocate for accountability of the Oakland Police Department to the community so that the Oakland Police Department operates with equitable, just, constitutional, transparent policies and practices that reflect the values and engender the trust of the community.

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